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Nine years on Walkabout Farm, longest we have lived anywhere, including in our childhood. We used to know when things had happened in the past 35 years based on where we were living. This is getting tricky now with such a long span in the same place. It's not a bad thing. It's just new for us.

Miss E passed her own milestone, turning 12. She had bought a dress (under protest) for her promotion ceremony out of Elementary School, but ended up with a nonspecific fever and didn't attend the ceremony. She thought it wasn't much fun to have the dress and no occasion to wear it. So I asked her if she wanted to dress up and go out for her birthday dinner. Yes, that suited her, especially at a restaurant that doesn't sing to you.

I like Clyde's a great deal, a local chain with restaurants at various points along the spectrum of formality and menu. Willow Creek Farm is not their fanciest nor their most casual, but is the closest. The restaurant was built out of old buildings that had been disassembled and stored. Back when Clyde's was on my client list at AA&Co, these timbers were a joke. A company that contained nothing but a bunch of numbered bits of wood. It's a personal pleasure to see them reassembled into a beautiful dining experience.

Taken with a cell phone.

There were other milestones. She already had her laptop, but she and I went down to the bank and opened her own local bank account. She was tired of having her money parked in our account and wanted a bank she could walk into. She's been handling money since she was about 5 (and not very well, back then, but we all have to start somewhere) so even though the age for these things is typically 13, she seems ready. So off we went, all very grownup, with our various IDs into town to speak to the bank.

She has also, oddly, raided my cabin for two romance novels. I didn't expect this to happen and I'm wondering which books she'll like best, historical or modern? She's enjoying a Zebra Regency Romance at the moment.

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