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Oh I've overheard lots of things the past few weeks.

I've spent time in Starbucks when Miss E was in art, working on the Reno writing workshops and on my own writing, Which Must Get Done.

I spent hours and hours in the Baltimore airport delayed by huge storms on the east coast (which Weatherdude failed to mention would be bad enough to affect my flight). That was a flight to St. Louis for 24 hours to attend my uncle's funeral, representing my entire branch of the family. I was in the airport for about five hours waiting for a plane and I met some very nice people who don't know who I am. Hi Jennifer from Columbus! Jennifer's plane left before mine but then about 45 minutes later, my plane was bumped to another gate because hers came back. Ha, Ha! Their plane had been sitting waiting for a crew from Boston for about four hours, blocking the gate.

Btw, the dynamics of how women choose to sit in a waiting area are very interesting. I am a safe zone. Not only do men not mess with me, but I'm too fricking old and overweight to be of any interest to them. Jennifer was still a target despite having been married for nearly 20 years and having had three kids. And yes, there was this (married) MBA student who would keep talking to Jennifer. And there were other women who hovered as well. We had the advantage of being near a dead outlet so we had a rotating set of people who would come, get up the courage to plug in, get told it was dead, and then move on. We all did it. The women open up with other women around and it's a party after that. Another interesting observation someone made is how in the past it was books or newspapers people had. Now it's computers and smart phones and iPads and iPods and dvd players. All electronics. (The outlets were all in use until a couple of planes left and I could recharge. I got no writing done.)

Another interesting observation...the airport was relatively quiet in terms of plane activity. It wasn't that they couldn't get out. They couldn't get in, either.

And then I was on the road, on the road, and on the road. I drove to Philly to see clients and stay with the Schoens. Then I drove to Boston to attend less than 24 hours of Readercon and see Jeff Ford and Delia Sherman and get chewed out for not completing a story for Frostokovich (or anyone else, for that matter). Then I drove to RI to pick up Weatherdude and Miss E. At which point I'd had enough driving and stress of an old car and decided to come home before the heat killed me in the upcoming week.

And now you're caught up, Heidi. My glamorous life. I'm looking at Volvos again. Gas mileage isn't as good as it should be, but I like them. A slightly smaller model than I currently have but still with the all-wheel drive would be nice. And that might mean I have to live with one of the small SUV types. Ugh. Because I think the V50 wagon is front wheel drive. But no one wants to hear about my car shopping, do they?

And now Miss E and I are off to find cotton and nylon loops for her potholder making frame. Yes, they're back in style. And so useful.

Frog Out
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