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Above are links to articles discussing a livejournal service outage last April. There's no reason to believe that this last attack on service was for any different reasons. Livejournal is a cacophony of free speech. (FB, imo, is simply a cacophony of noise, but that's one frog's opinion.) Our blog entries are all over the spectrum of ideas. Many of the blogs aren't political. The birdhouse is generally apolitical, though rather rabidly feminist at times. I don't know what goes on over on the cyrillic side of things. I have a few Russian-speaking blogs that have friended mine, whether by accident or because of Esli, I don't know. But Esli's editor found me and asked to reprint my story via LJ. So I'm favorably inclined to support LJ's continued existence. (I also have one of the rare permanent accounts.)

Back when Tehran was all the news on Twitter, many of the people I follow turned their icons green and changed their home city to Tehran. I did too for a time. So if so many people were supportive of free speech via Twitter in Iran and opposed to an attempt by the government to shut it down, how can we not be supportive of blogging in Russia and other countries that used to be part of the Soviet Union? And continuing to use LJ, continuing to blog, continuing to exercise free speech seems the best way to show support. That and linking to articles to get the word out that this is not some service that has failed, but an active attempt to deny freedom of expression in all forms (and esp. political commentary, one assumes).

And here on Walkabout Farm, we share the work so we can all enjoy the harvest, as good socialists and communists should. We have our good proletariat chickens and our useless Capitalist Classist Cats. Our chickens toil and produce a dozen eggs a day in the most extreme temperatures...currently 100F (38C). The cats, meanwhile, sleep the day away in air conditioned comfort while partying all night like the decadent animals they are. Do they catch mice? No. They catch cicadas. Well, Phineas does, and runs around the house with an angry buzzing sound coming from his mouth. We have rats in the barn (we saw two last weekend when we gassed their holes, but weren't quick enough to whack them). We also have a determined woodchuck who is pushing a 5gallon gas can off the lid of the feed. And we have basically useless cats.

This morning we were all in the garden, Miss E, Weatherdude and I, watering and pulling weeds from the potatoes, onions, beans and tomatoes. Miss E picked green beans. The cats? They lay down in the potatoes and onions until I sprayed water in their area. Lazy supervisors. Upper class twits expecting the proletariat to feed their gaping maws. (Phineas is currently working on getting the lid off the cookie jar on the counter that contains cat treats.)

We were out of the garden before 8AM and the cicadas are already loud. The air felt better than some mornings, but it's going to be another dry scorcher today. Along the east coast, we're all eyeing tropical depressions and hoping they come our way not as a hurricanes but as RAIN. Lots of rain.

Here is a photo of the chief useless playboy of an Upper Class Capitalist Cat, Phineas. He has figured out that Weatherdude and I are at the top of the food chain and life is easy if he aligns himself with us. He's not an alpha, he's just spoiled. And if he breaks the lid on my cat cookie jar, he might well be a deceased cat. Or at best, a cat looking for a new home.

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