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Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond

Sometimes I Wonder

Sometimes I wonder about my Scots ancestors. That's the side of the family with the most intuition, though the English ancestors would seem to have some sensitivity as well. Miss E has told me to stop talking to her while she's in school, though not recently. I wonder if she's beginning to deny it as impossible.

At any rate, before I meander away from my topic completely, I'm back on the car. I took it to the mechanic and he can't find the leak easily. But he verified that he had checked my fluid levels, all of them, before I drove to New England in July. You know, when I was totally freaked out that my car would break down somewhere along the way. The only way the coolant level could have gotten as low as it was when the light came on is if it had been leaking all that time. As my mechanic remarks, I seem to have a deep connection to that car, a deep sense when something's wrong with it.

Since he couldn't find the leak, we still don't know where it is. Weatherdude drove it to the train this morning, but the only issues he had were known ones. It could be leaking at the head gasket which would not be a good thing in terms of keeping the car. The light came on again when I drove it to the mechanic and then it went off again.

So. Once again it seems it was the right time to get a replacement car for long trips. And maybe, just maybe I wasn't being a hormonal perimenopausal crazy lady last month. I really am one, so I discount a lot of my feelings and my anxieties as being blown out of proportion by estrogen issues. The triggers are real, the reactions are over the top. And it was Weatherdude who was more than willing to go look, pushed me to go test drive cars. I just knew that I couldn't take my beloved car out on a 1k run again and his beloved volvo isn't in much better shape than mine.

So were my Scots and English ancestors calling up my extra senses or is it all just coincidence. I don't really believe in that level of coincidence. On some level I must have known that the car was headed toward a coolant disaster. And maybe there was some subtle engine signal I registered. Or maybe it's because I've done it before. But something was acting and I was apparently listening.

Frog Out

ETA: Weatherdude came in this evening stating that the car had steam coming out from under the hood. Not only steam but a lot of boiling in the plastic container for coolant/water. Which, interestingly, was a noise I've heard before and wondered what it was. And there seemed to be some moisture leaking from the cap, maybe. Too tricky to actually do anything with the car so hot. Though it had only been driven 15 miles and at most 30 minutes. Weatherdude said "no way are you driving that car any distance in this condition." And he said on the way home, the coolant light had popped on and off a few times. Now I'm thinking my car is something out of Macbeth. "Fire burn and cauldron bubble."
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