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Heidi Chronicles I

Well, who knew? Ok, I knew. It's been a while and Heidi poked me with a message on FB (which I don't read, but I got the email, so send direct messages via twitter or FB if you're trying to reach me).

It's really hard to believe that we've had the VW for nearly two months. And that Miss E was in art camp just that long ago. Seems like an age.

Yes we survived the hurricane. Which one? you ask. Both. Walkabout Farm was never in any danger. But Miss E and I were in Philly while Irene was coming and we bugged out of there and home before it hit, heading west and then south. It would take a hurricane coming inland in NC and then driving up the east side of the Appalachians (and affecting Heidi) to affect us. But not Weatherdude. Weatherdude was on CNN/HLN for another minute and a half of fame talking about the hurricane. And Weatherdude was (of course) working long shifts in the ops center at headquarters briefing government officials and reviewing the briefings that came out of the ops center. His hair went a bit grayer watching the hurricane's path head straight for NYC (flooding) and for New England, like Carole of the 50's. No, not like the '39 hurricane my father was in his freshman year of college. People said "oh, it's just like a nor'easter." Which is true, but Weatherdude said that winter storms don't have a tenth the moisture this storm was packing. And it was a "dry" storm.

And yes, despite what some people have said, there was a buoy report on Sat of wind speeds high enough to make it officially a hurricane. But that was never the issue, it was the rain and flooding on an east coast where the ground was already saturated. As too many of my f-list already knows. People lost power for days, weeks.

We lost power too, but that wasn't due to the hurricane.

To finish this first little tidbit for Heidi, NWS has come a long way in being able to model the track of a hurricane. What remains to be studied and conquered is how to model its intensity really well.

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