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Not the Heidi Chronicles

Since Heidi has found time in her busy mothering schedule to read the blog, this is no longer the Heidi chronicles. Oh, and Heidi? I've added a convenient tag "heidi update." You can click on that tag and it should load a page of the blog entries directed to amuse you. If you tell me what doesn't amuse you, I won't tag those entries as a heidi update.

Do you know? My knee went wonky in the barn on Tuesday and it was exactly a year and a day after my knee completely blew up after bowling with Weatherdude. That took many many weeks to go back to normal. I'm hoping that this time I took care of it fast enough so I'll be able to get on a horse in two weeks. Is my left knee. I sort of need that knee to mount.

Meanwhile, the rats have opened up one of their holes again. I dragged dirt right back into it, just to annoy them. And the woodchuck continues to flip the lid off of the scratch, which isn't what he wants to eat. The barricade continues to work. He's not getting to the soy crumbles and he's not tipping the cans over.

Miss E had a doctor's appt for her medical mystery body. We're going to go to a geneticist next. Because it's not CF and it's not anything in her digestive system. Turner's syndrome is unlikely, but she will probably get tested for it. She's not celiac or anything. Just some reflux. Which we already knew about two years ago. So when I said to her doctor that it took a list price of $17.5k (endoscopy and colonoscopy with pathologies) to get the answer that she had reflux, he responded "you think that's bad? My daughter encountered a bat at camp and had to have rabies shots. $12k for 4 shots. We could have taken the entire family on a European vacation for that much money." So even doctors are a bit stunned by the list prices associated with US medical care these days. (Which isn't what you pay on insurance, btw. For example, we ultimately paid $2.5k for her procedure out of the $17.5k after the insurance company slapped it all down to below $10k with their contract agreements and then paid their share. And half of what we paid was the doctor, who doesn't take anyone's insurance because he's that good and doesn't need to. But still. The list prices are insane. People without health insurance are expected to pay those. And you have to have a really good insurance company to get the best negotiated rates. Something just isn't right about how our system works.)

I have five returns on extension. A colleague has plunked a short story in my lap for reading. I have a 3rd erotic ebook by another colleague that needs to be read and critiqued for tweaking. I'm driving the new diesel up to Boston next weekend and driving home again.

And in all of that, I'd really like to be working on ditchrider.

Frog Out

Here, have a photo:

That's my mom from two years ago. I'm going to see her in Boston. Because I have a car that's reliable again.
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