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Farm Interlude

Weatherdude at work:

My HS best friend's brother has been a nurse for many years, including an ER nurse in Maine. When he surfed my blog a couple of months back, he was horrified by the photos of Weatherdude cutting up the last of the Red Cedars. Because he wasn't wearing a visor or leg guards or workshoes with steel toes. Joe (the nurse's name, really) had seen far too many chainsaw accidents while living in Maine.

Joe probably won't read this update because he's rehearsing for Oktoberfest in Honolulu. No lie. When he's not teaching nursing or traveling to the Himalayas to teach nurses there, he's apparently rehearsing in parks for Oktoberfest in Hawaii. His band is called The Royal Elephants and they only play for Oktoberfest. And they're also working on their fake book, which seems to consist of polkas and beer songs people like to sing along to. Weatherdude knew what one was. He used to use one too, back when he played in a wedding band. It's a musician thing.

Anyhoo, here at Walkabout Farm we have a 5 acre field that we have cut for hay for our neighbor's cows. They usually do only 1 cut, in July. This year, not even that. But Matt (their farm manager and chief cow herder) called me a couple of weeks ago and said they'd be by to cut it because the grass under the dead stuff is good due to the lots of rain we've been having this month. Which is why they're having trouble getting enough dry weather for cutting.

But that's not the only problem. Matt broke his arm (I don't remember how), and a cow kicked him in the sternum, and a tractor hit his head. Say what? (He had called me on my cell and I was sure I heard him wrong.)

It seems he and his son were putting in fence posts and they devised a 'clever' way to do it, the old-fashioned way being somewhat tedious. It seems that Matt held the post and his son then dropped the bucket of a front end loader onto the post to drive it into the ground. Only one of the posts broke when hit by the front end loader. Which means the bucket continued downward and hit Matt on the head. With his son at the controls.

Matt says he woke up on the helicopter being airlifted from our area to the nearest trauma hospital. And he says his son was convinced he'd killed his father. Patricide. Yeah, what every kid of 19 needs in his life.

People you just can't make this stuff up.

Matt says he's more or less fine now, except for the being kicked in the sternum by one of the cows bit. That, apparently, still hurts. And as soon as the weather dries out enough, he'll be by to cut and bale the 5 acre field. I hope so. Matt is always an endless source of gossip and stories.

Frog Out

ETA: http://joesar.wordpress.com/2011/09/23/die-schonste-wiesn-hits/ and from a few weeks back, his first trumpet practice sessions of the year: http://joesar.wordpress.com/2011/08/28/striking-up-the-band-in-honolulu/
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