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Busy Weekend

A truly busy weekend where I spent 2 hours on Friday going about 30 miles. Good old Rte 128. I finally reached Wakefield and suddenly traffic just eased up as if it had never been gridlocked. I discovered that changing lanes on Rte 128 is a great time to turn OFF the stabilizer on the VW. There's a manual cutoff switch for things like, well, "Launchpad." It seems it's similar to the winter setting on my Volvo, which one turns ON manually, not off. Where the car ensures that it adjusts the amount of torque applied to the wheels and keeps the wheels from spinning. Only when one is changing lanes, hesitation is NOT a good thing. Not the way I drive.

I left Virginia at about 8:30 and arrived at my destination in Peabody at 6pm, an hour late for dinner. But my parents had delayed and we still had dinner together. That was a bit more stress than I would have liked. One stop for a break halfway in NJ on 287 in Boonton and one stop for 10 minutes in Natick to fill the tank and I'm glad I did. Under normal driving conditions, the car would have completed the journey to Peabody. But I'm not sure I could have trusted the roughly 550 miles per tank at highway to hold true for Rte 128. Still, up to Natick, I had a 44mpg avg. I just hadn't scoped out where to buy diesel in Peabody yet. We will remedy that.

On the way back, I topped off the tank with 3.5 gallons of diesel at the last service station before 90 meets 84. And never stopped again. This time, I left about 10AM and arrived home about 610PM. Talk about a good run for 510 miles. I think my stop was about 15 minutes and I didn't feel the need for another one after that, esp. as I got closer to the end of the journey. But I would like to complain about MD drivers. Jeez. One Ford Explorer tailgated me in the left lane from the PA border to Allentown. Every time I pulled over to the right lane, the Explorer hung back and didn't pass. When I came back out to pass the next person, the Explorer sped up again to sit on my bumper. At about 75 mph. People, this is not safe driving. And on 15 South from Harrisburg, the drivers were just sitting in the left lane. When I finally tried to pass on the right in a space, this MD car gunned the accelerator to cut me off. Twice. And then, for no apparent reason, moved over to the right lane before the MD border. I had a tail all the way to Frederick of cars that were hanging in the left lane while I was moving in and out of the right only to pass. They never passed me, never attempted it. They just barreled along at 70mph, but at least they weren't sitting on my bumper like the red Ford Explorer was. :::glares::: See, I don't use brakes a lot, so you have to pay attention. You can't rely on my brake lights to tell you that I'm slowing down. Watch the brake lights of the cars ahead of me.

Oh and the Merritt Parkway was most enjoyable in both directions this trip. No slowing down to a crawl and everyone flying like a bat out of hell. Oh those curves! I've driven it in the Volvo too, but I have to admit, the VW was just EASY.

Basically with music blasting, it was a pleasant drive. Not too much weather in either direction and the Tappan Zee Bridge even cooperated. Just that Rte 128 thing. Oh and 90 was a pain on Sunday morning. Where were these people going who were all driving west and slowing down the road to below the speed limit?

Lots of work on Saturday doing research and answering questions, then off to dinner with parents again. Nice to be home.

Yesterday, Miss E and I had an appt with a geneticist. More blood work, but some possibles. We were able to rule out Turner's Syndrome immediately because I had an amnio back when I was pregnant. I'm not sure we'll get an answer from any of these tests either, but we'll rule out more things. Maybe, just maybe, Miss E will eat more and let her body grow now that she's on the right dose for reflux. Otherwise, I'm going to have to get her some sort of teensy car to drive. Or modify the pedals. 50 inches is not the best height for a driver.

Today it's back to tax work.
Frog Out



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Oct. 4th, 2011 03:27 pm (UTC)
I learned to drive on 128 in rush hour traffic. :) I used to call the way we changed lanes "The Massachusetts Sideslip" because basically, you had to be going 60-65 mph in bumper to bumper traffic, and pretty much insert yourself smoothly directly sideways into a barely car-sized spot without interrupting the flow around you.

Weirdly, I miss this traffic...
Oct. 4th, 2011 03:33 pm (UTC)
We have the same style on certain roads in the DC area. Some roads are simply moving too slow for this game. But yes, it feels as if your car moves sideways. It is NOT a moment for your gas pedal to hesitate. It's all split-second and almost intuitive driving. Wait, wait, wait, move. There's a 15 mile stretch here where it's often done at speeds of at 65-75mph. The speed limit is 65 and it's often possible to go that fast. Or, ummm, faster. We have this theory around here that if you pay a toll, it means you can go whatever the heck speed you want to. Not true, but folks drive like it is. (Radar detectors are illegal in VA, but we're good at knowing where the troopers will be...until they're in plain SUVs among us!)
Oct. 4th, 2011 09:19 pm (UTC)
Didn't realize you were feeling poorly. Hope you feel better!
Oct. 4th, 2011 10:44 pm (UTC)
Am I? No more than usual for this time of year. Blood work is for the medical mystery kid.
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