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Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond

30th Anniversary at Horse Camp

So Scott Edelman blogged for all of us that his 35th anniversary was a do-over of his honeymoon. He and Irene went to Disney World and had a lovely time. http://scottedelman.livejournal.com/244233.html I know I have a good time at Disney World, too. Weatherdude and I have a special restaurant where we like to have a dinner-date. Miss E is always a fun companion the rest of the trip. Originally, she thought she was meeting the REAL Disney princesses. It didn't throw her that Jasmine left a present inside our hotel room door. It didn't throw her that she met 3 different Pocahontas' in one day.

But that was Scott and Irene's 35th, the Disney Anniversary. I get to do that in five years. This year was our 30th and may legally be celebrated anytime between Oct 2nd and Oct 11th. Like many major holidays, our anniversary is a festival. Actually, what usually happens is that Weatherdude forgets our first anniversary, a tiny civil ceremony in our tiny apartment in Seattle with seven people, inclusive, on a Friday evening. But then he can recover and remember our church service in Johnson Chapel of Amherst College officiated by his father-in-law on a beautiful fall day in New England with all the color and most of our respective families in attendance.

We are at DHF in Tucson to celebrate our 30th. It seems to be the Yard Work Anniversary. Travel to an exotic location in order to do the same kind of yard work you could be doing at home but with borrowed gloves and tools.



Brush Pile:

Happy Anniversary, Weatherdude. (The Couple poses with their 30th Anniversary Brush Pile...wish we could make a bonfire with it, but it's the desert, yanno?)

Frog Out
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