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Tax Post

Oh boy! It's October 17th and my last tax return will be e-filed today! It could have been yesterday, but I think my client was hung over. He moved our meeting to today. Which wasn't a total surprise. Even when not on extension, I end up meeting with him on the last possible day. No, no, no. I already have a client who owns my last spot, my ritual is to go downtown into DC and sit in his apartment and fill it out with him and then go home and print it out and deliver it back again. On the 15th, I like to file my own tax return and breathe. (And that's a tax preparer's secret. We're usually just hanging around on the 15th or doing our own taxes. At Arthur Andersen, we stopped answering the phone after lunch.)

I think I'm excited about this.

Frog Out



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Oct. 17th, 2011 11:19 pm (UTC)
I think I stopped answering the phone because I was out drinking on the patio of the bar next to the office the afternoon of the 15th (most certainly wasn't working on my own return!). Were you not there? I don't remember because I only had eyes for that dark-haired manager (I don't even remember his name) who later disclosed he had secretly been dating someone else in the office for some time. In whom I had confided my crush on him while she was secretly dating him. No wonder she looked so amused. . .

But I didn't stick around nearly long enough to learn how to do what the accountants do. Actually, did you leave before I did (that year, I mean, I know you were in the office way longer)? I forget. I just remember there were several people who quit under our @#$# of a manager within a few months, and the partner was worried.
Oct. 18th, 2011 12:09 am (UTC)
Victoria was a horror and I swear was hired to get rid of me. She worked late, David worked early and I was expected to accommodate both of their schedules. And I do remember she ran through staff like anything. And that several people quit after I did.

Dark eyes, huh? A tax manager? I only remember Scott and another guy who was very much married. Scott was really tall and a pita, but I could work for him. Volpicelli, that was the married dude's name. He had to wait 2 years to become a manager, I think. The woman manager was Lisa Rudolph (dang, where are these names coming from?). She was secretly dating someone, but since she'd slept with almost everyone male at her level or above, it was hard to tell. Oh wait. No, he was the dreamy manager (married) in Atlanta and a nice guy. Maybe this was someone downtown who only came out to Tysons once in a while?

I've drawn a blank on nasty woman's name, I hated her so much. She was no longer a line manager, but had gone into admin when she had a baby. And she was a terror. She screwed me royally over my office transfer salary. Never forgave her. I think she cautioned you about your clothing choices. The joy was when AA&Co went bust and most of the staff went to another firm, no one would have her. She was blacklisted everywhere at every firm. I worked later with the woman manager who's team I was on when I was at Lafarge. She kept calling me and giving me things to do like I was still her staff. Our tax manager for Lafarge was Dan Clark whom I've always liked.

I was always still at the office on April 15th. It was peaceful. I had a long drive so the drinking wasn't appealing. I think we only overlapped for one April 15th and I was probably in a bad mood that one. I had about 7 with Andersen and by my last one I was cynical, to say the least. I look back at how women were treated and it's pretty shocking by current standards.
Oct. 18th, 2011 12:51 am (UTC)
I think I remember tall Scott, not him. Not Jim Volpicelli, either, although he was a cutie-pie. The one I crushed on was shorter, about my height. Olive skin and dark hair & eyes. I'm not sure he was tax, might have been audit. His new staff girl was Asian and one of my classmates at UVA, and we got along (alas, I don't remember her name). I remember she was always trying to connive some reason for me to talk to her manager since she encouraged my crush, so I suspect he must have been audit and there really was never any reason for me to talk to him since I didn't work on corporate taxes. I think the girl he eventually disclosed dating was in the tax dept; maybe Peggy was her name? A bit older than me. Infinitely more appropriate, I'm sure.

I think I had a conversation with Mike Slud sometime after AACo broke up, he had one or two kids by then. I totally forget the circumstances, he might have been networking but I had been slacking off in corporate accounting for years by then and so useless to him for contacts.

Didn't you live in Reston? That was your long drive from Tysons? Or were you in DC then? I really lost a lot of brain cells from those years. Fortunately, new research shows that the brain cells DO regenerate. But not with the old information intact, apparently.
Oct. 18th, 2011 09:53 am (UTC)
That was one of the ways the woman in Admin screwed me over. I lived in DC and they offered me a transfer to Tysons. So I had a reverse commute for those 3 years. I wanted to work downtown where it made sense to work.

I lived in Reston after Weatherdude got out of the military, from 97 to 02.
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