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Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond

Farm Stuff

I just rescued a baby snake from one of the cats (Shy Ozzie) in the living room. I have no idea how this snake got into the living room in the first place. I went to investigate because a cat was having far too much fun. I hope the snake is more or less ok. It tried to escape into the wet grass as I carried it (with gloves on) down to the barn where I knew the sun had warmed the soil and dried the grass already. I had to pull it back out. It then sat still for a bit when I finally let it go, probably playing dead again. Then it went under the barn door. Go snake. Find a place to sleep for the winter, grow big, eat rats. I'm not sure what this tiny thing can eat. About 12 inches long, but a lot thinner than a pencil. Baby Northern Racer.

The woodchuck is finally not fighting me over the feed barrels. I think I'll leave the barricade up, but take the gas container off the lid. Today there's a real chill in the air. And the light is so much less than it was. I'm not seeing woodchucks around in general, so I think we've found places to settle into and stopped trying to eat everything in sight. The rats, of course, are still going strong. Weatherdude continues to gas them every other weekend or so.

The cats think we've had enough rain. Another 1.2 inches yesterday. There's water in the pond again. The grass is still growing and we're still mowing whenever it stops raining long enough for the grass to dry out.

Both Volvos ran rough after we came home from Tucson. Very odd. Weatherdude's had a bad ignition coil. Chances are that mine does too. Which is about as odd as anything can get that's just a coincidence. Once again, very glad to have a 3rd car which has yet to develop problems.

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