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Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond

Missing: One New Car

I would post a photo of Weatherdude's new car today, but it seems to have gone AWOL. And I do mean that in the literal, military, sense of the acronym. Telling me at o'dark-thirty that you intend to drive a new car (uninsured) to a train station does not constitute "leave" in any sense of the word. The commanding officer was non compos mentis at the time and being snuggled by a Furry Phineas.

So yes. Rumor has it that Weatherdude has a new car and I am now shopping for a home for the black Volvo (front wheel drive and deer damage included). I'm contemplating a donation to "Vehicles for Change" a local charity.

Muzak will now play where a 2012 Hyundai Sonata should be pictured.

This is most likely a youtube of Weatherdude's car, because this is the dealer that first got the car:

And here is presumably Weatherdude's car again, as it wanders around the Mid-Atlantic region: http://www.annapoliscars.net/new/Hyundai/2012-Hyundai-Sonata-5f3bdef50a0d048d00d75f7af32a843f.htm

That second link should disappear soon. They seem to update their website more regularly than in Danville.

Anyway, the car seems to have wandered from Southern Virginia to Maryland's state capitol to the seat of Loudoun County, Virginia. Every time it wanders, a car is exchanged. Yesterday it was exchanged for a banana-yellow Veloster. Nice car, but no pickup. Once there's a turbo version, I recommend it for a sporty ride that won't break the bank.

So the count is now two aged Volvos, one VW diesel, and one gas Hyundai with all its maintenance-free advertising.

Yesterday evening, I mostly hung out at the dealership while Weatherdude signed papers, bored out of my skull, texting to Miss E back at home.

Frog Out
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