Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond (birdhousefrog) wrote,
Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond

I Blame the Wine

So we went to Nahant for Thansgiving. No, not a typo. On Wednesday evening, there was this accident. A laptop was pushed bac on a table. A wine glass was behind the laptop. A mom moment where my brain saw the future and I ended up grabbing the glass in mid-air as it fell. Only then it sloshed in the opposite direction. Onto the eyboard of my laptop which contained the photos that someone was showing to others.


I wiped up everything as carefully as possible, but a couple of hours later, the 8 and the I wouldn't wor. Both were needed for passwords and whatever I was logging into ept saying my password was wrong, no matter how carefully I typed it. Someone suggested I reboot the computer because that's what they did when their iPhone acted up. I did. Only...an 8 is part of my basic login on my computer. Oops. No can log in.

Eventually, the 8 and the letter i came bac. But then I lost the letter k from the row below. That loss was more stubborn and suddenly I was also losing s through l, including k. By Thursday night, I could mae all but k wor if I persisted on hitting the eys. And then k suddenly started eying by itself. Long strings of the letter k would eep typing until another ey was hit to stop it. But by Friday morning, the s through l was dead. Nothing wored.

Wine seems to do this. The acids can wrea havoc with the eyboard or logic board or both. I had taen off and cleaned eys, but we didn't have the tools to tae the bac off. So I've been thanful that my computer wasn't completely dead, but frustrated that it was essentially a bric until we got home last night and I could try using a USB eyboard. Which I happened to have as a spare, still in its box.

It sort of feels lie I'm on Sesame Street and I've lost my sponsors, especially the letter K.

Frog Out

PS: Now that my laptop has warmed up this morning (it's been off for several days), it seems I've lost the 8 and I again.
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