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Yesterday was a productive day for domesticity. After the drive home on Saturday, we drove 30 miles to the airport on Sunday morning to free J's car from hock.

Once that was done, we cleared the pantry of 'stuff' that had piled up there in 2 years and laid masking tape on the floor to show where the Ikea pantry cabinets would go. Everything fits just as we had planned in the car on the trip home. The wall is 112 inches long. Two sets of 15 and 24 inch tall (80 inch) cabinets on either side of a 30 inch base cabinet with a dishrack above (because I've always wanted one). The opposite wall is our washer, dryer and freezer (the fridge is in the kitchen). The remaining 2 walls are the door and the window. It's a tiny room, so the cabinets will be just over 12 inches deep. That way they fit behind the door and in the corner with the windowsill. We've opted for a very small counterspace to keep the room from feeling closed in. Just enough to fold laundry or hold groceries for unpacking.

This was a tremendous relief. Ikea is a wonderful place, but the choices can be overwhelming. Once J had suggested that we stick to a depth of 12 7/8 inches, there were only 2 choices of tall cabinets, 15 and 24 inches wide, and only 2 styles, solid or glass. I could start x-ing out all the other depths of tall cabinets. And since the remaining space was logically 30 inches, I had only 4 styles of base cabinets to choose from.

Then I had to wrestle the software to put in the styles and choose doors and handles. While I liked a lot of the doors, I especially like the ones that don't have to be shipped. That also cut down a lot of choice, limiting the door styles to ones carried in stock in the store.

And while all of that was going on, J put together our 'new' 60's style scandinavian flower lamp for the dining room table. J was also running laundry and it seemed like a good time to defrost the freezer in that room. I found some things I didn't know I had. And decided to make a batch of spagetti sauce and frozen meatless meatballs for dinner. I'm carb happy right now, time of month.

E got into the spirit of things and went through her baskets and cubbies in her room and came up with a large trash bag of stuff to give away or throw away. Some kid is going to score a lot of barbie stuff at Salvation Army this year. E needed help sorting the mess of what was being kept, but with a little help, that was done too. Then she helped J put the new lamp together.

I checked with G and we might be able to get the cabinets from Ikea by next weekend and do the installation after that. If it were done by the 9th, I'd be thrilled. Family Xmas present getting this in and done and getting the kitchen/pantry sorted.

And to top it all off, I snuck out for a 3 mile walk at dusk.

Frog Out
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