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Apparently, without a cheat, one is to go to page 77 or page 7 of one's WIP and post the lines from 7 to 14. Good thing that I'm editing from front to back.

From "Ditchrider"

Where Argent's ditch broke off from the rest of The Hand, Alex skidded to a halt. Here was the blockage Clefton had picked up. The Argents hadn't fiddled the flow meters; there was no water flowing to their claim at all. There must be a leak in a side ditch or in the siphons, but they hadn't reported one. Their sluice gate was all the way down and the irrigation water bypassed their claim completely. And because there were no other claims downstream, the water flowing beyond the Argents was lost for good.

Alex would have to park their water.

It's an expository section, which irritates me, but that's just how it fell out. And the alternative was that I would write about how I felt talking to a tax attorney yesterday when she didn't know that I had ever been a corporate tax manager or anything corporate at all. You see, she has no children. And you see, she's never cleaned her house.

One can only hope that someone cleans it.

Nice woman, but wow. What a cultural rift between us.

Frog Out
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