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Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond

I Thought It Had Been Longer...

It's felt like 2 years since I last blogged, not one. That says something about the past year, which was horrendous on a personal level. Moving isn't easy and a six-month separation is even less fun. That we've been married for 32 years and that I was a military wife means I knew it was survivable, but it didn't make things easier. After all, it's been over 15 years since Major Weatherdude dropped the Major.

That whole year of walking was about eating right and exercising and losing weight. And for 3 months I worked hard and dropped it. Then the announcement of the move to NY. All that weight came back on over the next 12 months and a couple more crept on, moving me back up toward my watermark high weight, a place I never want to see again in my life. Throughout all of that, I kept registering with "my fitness pal." That was where I'd logged my walking. Sometimes I logged my weight, sometimes my exercise, sometimes my food. Sometimes I didn't log in. Through all of that, one friend stayed with me. We haven't seen each other in years, our lives went in different directions after overlapping for maybe two years. But there she was, day after day. Did she log in every day? No. But when I did, she cheered me on. And when she did, I cheered her on. Our chatter is silly and serious and openly honest about our diet du jour.

Well, really what happened recently was we both found ourselves disgusted by a lack of motivation and progress about 2 months ago. At the same time, no less. So here we are, on different management programs of our own devising, but still cheering each other on. And we're both successful. I managed to lose before each holiday and then gain part of it and then get it back off again. She's managed to do the same, but losing more. (I tell myself she's 15 years younger, yes, that's the reason.)

This morning I'm celebrating that I've lost weight and that she's lost weight and that we're still at it. Back when I was using AOL, before there was open access to the worldwide web, the community was crucial to a lot of people who live isolated, physically or mentally. Weight Watchers also emphasized that working with someone else could be the key to success. It amazes me that it's two decades later and my online community is still helping me, still providing needed support. Not a lot, just that light touch of 'you're not alone.'

So thanks, Mrs T. Thank you for being there, all these years later, thanks for hanging out with me in a free weight-loss community. (No wonder my WW stock is tanking...)

Frog Out
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