Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond (birdhousefrog) wrote,
Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond

House Love

I/we love this new house. Lots of windows, great view. But in certain temperature ranges, windows and skylights become a disadvantage. All I can say is, thankfully the thermostats are NOT in the high exposure areas. And thank goodness it's a small house, she says as 300 gallons of heating oil is about to be delivered on top of a 250 gallon delivery last fall that completely filled the huge tank.

So this summer, the view part of the house was rather hot, despite A/C. (Needed, a return in this part of the house.) And this winter, the view part of the house is rather cold (rather a cold one, this winter is) and a return won't help that as it's baseboard heat. What would help is getting the fireplace fixed with a woodstove insert, but that has to wait for the needed funds to show up in our reserves. So with this frigid weather so many of us are enjoying from the Arctic, it's 50-something in the kitchen when we get up in the morning. Right now, at 9:30AM, it's a balmy 64F at my desk here.

In the meantime, if the weather would just get a wee bit warmer and stay warmer, the contractor might be able to backfill the big hole for the foundation on the addition and get started on framing the main part of it, a place for me with a view.

Because this house is all about the view.

Frog Out
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