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Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond

Desk Cleaning

I cleaned my indoor office yesterday. It feels good, really good. We've run out of shelf space as usual (bookcases cover 3 walls of my office where I house the sf collection). I had been feeling a distinct desire to unclutter myself of my past again. My Masters of Accountancy and all my second undergraduate degree in Accounting and Finance textbooks, to be specific. I cleared 4 shelves of Ikea Billy bookcases. Trashed my auditing, accounting, finance, computer, research, tax law and estate law texts. All are now sitting in piles OUTSIDE my office, waiting to be boxed up and sent to, well, anywhere.

I still have my tax form books from 1979-1992, though I'm not sure why. And I still have my basic tax texts for the seasonal tax work. And I still have all my texts in greek and latin from my first degree. No way any of those are going anywhere.

The cool part was being able to create some shelves for 'temporary' books...books in the genre that I am looking at/supposed to look at. That stack of books that arrived from World Fantasy, for example, when I was at Bittercon. And my Wheatland Press short story selections. All of these had been piled anywhere, including on top of my desk. Now they are in a place where I can pull them out and USE them, READ them, instead of cursing them for making a mess.

And now I can actually see my desk, work at it.

It's all part of the plot to get writing and get the house ready for the holidays. Man, it feels great. Really great. I'm just sitting here feeling great. Smug even.

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