Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond (birdhousefrog) wrote,
Oz Whiston writing as Oz Drummond

Something Cool

Now this is just as cool as it gets...somewhat literally.

Reading through my friends' page chronologically, I can watch the cold front as it marches across the country. Weatherdude assures me that there was a deepening low off the pacific coast that yielded that dusting of snow in Portland. (If I have that wrong, there will be an erratum entry later.) A situation that seems odd to me, having lived in Seattle for 2 years. I think it snowed once in the city itself, only once. And the comments started rolling in from the weathernerds community and the southwest and the midwest. It's coming, Virginia, it's coming. Today is the final warm day.

Which means fires are coming again. So must stack the woodpile by the house again. There's a prediction of first snow in about a week. We were snowed in on the 12th of Dec the first 2 years we lived here, but the past 2 have been a bust. I'm hoping for another snowy day this year, all cozy with fires and cocoa, shoveling snow and getting some use out of the snow blower. You know, we haven't needed it since we bought it. Only took it out about once. We bought it because we spent 8 hours shoveling 1/4 mile of 'driveway' out to the plowed access road. J was stuck unable to get in and I was stuck unable to get out.

It's great when Weatherdude is stuck at home due to weather and the little family unit hunkers down, all cozy-like. Sort of feels colonial. Of course, one doesn't want to lose the electricity. That triggers the well and the oil furnace, not to mention the heat pump and the sump pump, the stove and the fridge. There's a limit to just how colonial I want to get. Outhouse not cool. Actually, it would be cool in such weather. A little too cool.

Frog Out
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