September 18th, 2006



It's NOT raining. Radio says this may be the last summer-like day for some time. Mowing waits for no one. J took over the tractor yesterday and did 2 hours. I jumped up and down like a spoiled child and got my tractor back and did 2 hours myself. I mowed all the parts where I walk so my feet won't get wet. Today I will need to finish the job...hmmm, now where did I leave that tractor?

Must stop eating bread and sugar. Tomorrow? Next week? Day job work is basically finished, so there's no further excuse for this behavior. Naturally, someone called on Friday about their payment, less than 2 hours before the post office closed. Can't find the charger for my digital camera. Cleaned a drawer, but it wasn't in there. Life goes on. Cats come and go.

Fauna count for the weekend: 2 frogs, one released, one went to school today; 2 praying mantis, one with a big, fat, abdomen. Released both.

Frog Out