September 21st, 2006



Clear and chilly this morning, calm and still. So there is a lot of dew again. We were late heading for school and the car was much too wet. Couldn't see with the early sun right on the windshield, which is a bit dangerous. I'm waiting for first frost, for official start of fall, for serious color changes in the leaves. We have a maple that was spectacular last year.

The crows are very noisy this morning. Not sure if it's all crow business or a fox that has them excited. The cows at the neighbor's place continue to make screaming noises, if it's the boys, well they want the girls. If it's the girls, must be weaning time. Meanwhile at 6 am, I heard my favorite owl, a barred owl. Back in the spring, there was more than one and they sounded like monkeys (no lie). I haven't heard the owl in a while and I wish it good hunting. Another mouse hunter.

Frog Out

FJ Update

Finally got myself out and restacked the woodpile. Remembered why I wear work gloves. Ouch. Pulled out several splinters. Beautiful afternoon to do it, good feeling doing it. It's a project that has a beginning and an end. It's not aerobic, but it's a mild workout. Reminded me that fall is coming, that it's time to start a woodpile by the house. Hauling and stacking is my job. Splitting is J's job. That the woodpile fell over is a shame. I'm hoping it won't fall over again, which will work better if I start depleting it. I blame the daycare deer. Or the wind? Will anyone buy that? But it certainly couldn't have been gravity caused by poor stacking. No way.

Heard a woodpecker while working. Neighbor's cows came to watch what I was doing. RT also came to watch, but found the work so exhausting he needed to nap.

School's out.
Frog Out.