October 16th, 2006



Yesterday was a trip to Virginia Disneyland--the Farm Festival. There are lots of 'em. This one is the biggest in this area, Cox Farm. We arrived shortly after opening and the parking area was already packed with cars, which was daunting. But the place is large and none of the lines for the slides or rope swings was particularly long. I spent a very dreamy day standing or sitting in the sun watching the people and thinking my own thoughts while E and J did all the slides and swings. We took away 3 small pumpkins, one large one to carve, and a fresh bag of kettlecorn for our college babysitter and her roommates.

Today I try to think about my reaction to W's statement that we read too soon and my immediate drop of my latest fairy tale. Rationally, I know that it doesn't matter what W said and he would be upset to know that it stopped me cold. But writing isn't always rational. And I also try to face that the tax returns are done and it's time for me to sit down and edit a story to submit to Analog.

And now, in true Monday fashion, I have hyper-extended, if not strained, my left ankle. I didn't realize just how asleep my left foot was from curling it under me as I sat and I somehow folded the foot back underneath when I tried to walk on it. At least I can put weight on it. gingerly.

Frog Out