October 26th, 2006

blueberry fall

Beautiful Day

I took this shot just now...mid day, not advised as the light is harsher, but oh how beautiful my blueberry bushes are. I made a puddle for the girls and was quite surprised by how these bushes looked. The door to my cabin is just visible in the left side of the photo. Everyone and everything is quite pleased with today. It's probably the last nice day for a while. Which means, gasp, ankle notwithstanding, I should listen to the weatherman (J) with his noises of rain coming and get the woodpile by the house filled up. This keeps me from trying to burn very soggy logs.

I worked on the Mouse King again...lots of melodrama going on with another character. It's still choppy and non-linear though. This frustrates me a bit. Sometimes I wish my brain would just sit down and write a short from start to finish, like it used to. But that was before more emotion had crept into my writing, when I used to hold about 5000 words in my head. I have to remember that Clap Your Hands was also written slightly out of sequence. I wrote certain parts and then had to work my way to them. And then had to feel the dramatic tension to complete all the bridging.

The ideas keep popping into my head and the morning pages keep needing to be written. Having written several thousand words of everyday garbage, my brain is finally clearing out and words come out of pen and onto page more easily. There was a time where only the blog was moving.

Write, write, write. Ass in chair. But ankle needs to be kept up and that means a tv break. Just watched last Sunday's Amazing Race episode. Yes! That show can bring out the best in people instead of the worst. Meanwhile, my cabin is cold and lonely. I went down to close up the windows and it was like running into an old friend. I miss my cabin. I must take vacuum down and suck up all the little insect bodies. ugh. I think I have termites in my beams based on a fine dust covering a spot on one of my chairs. Heat, need heat! G, please add a heater soon.

Frog Out