November 3rd, 2006


Mouse King

Last night was workgroup night, tho' it was only JS and I, not the full group. Still we were at the coffee shop for 2 hours and I hardly stopped to let my mind drift. Scads of words. The problem was that few of them are linear and most are storyteller voice, not character voice. Still flying a bit high in the clouds and not coming down to the significant detail and voices yet. Still not sure where this is going, although I seem to know what will happen in the end to the Mouse King. I just have to get there. Interestingly, my typical personal 'issues' have surfaced, so to me that means this is truly one of my stories and I'm on the right track. The Mentor sayeth that I let too much emotion creep in and that's making the stories slide around and not get pinned down, that whenever I'm drafting, I'm inserting the feelings du jour. I dunno. It doesn't quite feel that way. It feels as if I was sort of searching around for the groove and now I've found it. The proof in the pudding will be if I finish what I've started and it finishes with this backstory I've now created for it. For me, the plus of the past year with my workgroup has been an increase in emotion in my writing.

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Frog Out

FJ Update

No more chicken breaks from the run the past two days. Someone continues to drop an egg from the top rung of the roost. In fact, this morning there were two eggs I had to retrieve, neither broken. ("Bombs Away!" and fits of chicken giggles.) Everyone waiting for me as I didn't get out there before dropping E at school. Complaining, of course. No sign of woodchuck all week. No further sign of skunk, although under the sink continues to have a skunky aroma.

Saw a swath of stratus the other morning and lined across it were three fat, parallel, contrails. Nature doesn't deal in parallel lines. The measure of man on nature.

I drive and I'm in shadow while the hills are lit by sun. Light at the end of the tunnel. Fits how I was down and climbing back out of it now. The sun on the hills shows what's left of the fall color and yellow mostly, some bronze. Lots of silver now from bared branches.

Frog Out
blueberry fall


BitterCon 2006 banner by Livia Llewellyn

If you're not in Austin this weekend, come check out BitterCon! at sallytuppence. It's the happening thing to do. While some con-goers seem more bitter than others, there's definitely a party atmosphere over there. And the panel offerings are far better than anything they have in Texas, including a fascinating one on oral surgery.

Frog Out