November 6th, 2006



From my post last Friday:

"Saw a swath of stratus the other morning and lined across it were three fat, parallel, contrails. Nature doesn't deal in parallel lines. The measure of man on nature."

Weatherboy informs me that indeedy Nature does deal in parallel lines. In point of fact, the parallel lines I saw were not parallel jets. They were jets on identical vectors 5-10 minutes apart. The wind pushed the original contrail downwind and the second one appeared to parallel it.

I stand corrected.

I told the weatherguru that I thought planes should fly in fractal patterns. This could be handled by computers. He replied that fractals are inherently unpredictable and unsuited for air traffic.

I thought it would look cool.

I asked the weatherdude if I should stick to writing fantasy and he said yes. His answer was a bit too quick.

Accordingly, I will now write him into a story and let him figure his own way out in a world where his degrees in physics and atmospheric sciences will be of limited use. All my aircraft will be flying in fractals and occasionally colliding and it will look very pretty, thank you very much.

Frog Out