November 10th, 2006

E scores!

Walking Day

J had the day off, the lucky veteran and civil servant. E did not. Wow. We just scored an all-day date, sort of. There was a break in it from 10:45 to 11:15 to lunch with E at school. The lunch monitors had to turn the lights out several times to get the room more quiet. We were talking as loudly as the kids were, several conversations at once. Oops.

Then we spotted a car and I got to add 4 new mile markers and climb over Clark's Gap. I could have gone further, but I wanted to share some of the more interesting ground I've already covered that J had last covered by bicycle several years ago. So after spotting a car, we went back to the start and walked 4.5 miles together. J of course has a faster pace, but he was nice enough to drop to mine and nice enough to say it wasn't a stroll, that he had been sitting too much and it was good exercise for him as well. So now I've been over the ground from mile 43 to mile 37.5, some of it several times. Can't wait to push on down to would only be a few miles further. I'm already trying to figure where to spot my car for the walk down the other side of the gap.

The conversation consisted of such exciting remarks as: look, two kinds of ferns!; isn't that house ugly?; gee, who would live THERE, there aren't any trees!; there are too many bikes today; I like this curvy part; there's a house for sale, let's sell ours and buy it; no that one is nicer, let's buy that one; look at that stuff they killed, do you think it's kudzu?; dunno, could be it got a foothold and they're destroying it; I like the tree canopy; what kind of vine is on those trees that's still green in November?; look at the moss on the side of the trail; I wonder if I can juggle?; do you think I can make it to the car?; and all the other exciting remarks that two people make who have known each other for donkey's years...and I do mean a very, very long time.

Note to self: put the water and food in the car at the END, not the car back at the beginning.

All in all, sort of a lazy, sunny, late fall day. Only I get to feel virtuous with all that walking. J and E have gone off to bowl and left me home to make more squash pie. Good thing about that virtue. I'm going to need to trade it in for a couple of pieces of pie, reduced calorie, but still pie.

Frog Out

MMMMM! Pies!

Ok, so I cooked the butternut squash and I cooked the pumpkins. And I scooped them. And E and J were out bowling so only I knew which was squash and which was pumpkin. You see, J thinks pumpkin isn't a squash. He likes pumpkin, hates squash. So I kept the two separated and secret. The fillings were made identically, the only different ingredient was squash/pumpkin in each, but same amount in each. With the spices and some molasses, it's not that easy to tell the difference, imho.

Still, J gets points for correctly identifying the squash and the pumpkin OUTSIDE the pie. These two scooped out piles looked pretty similar. Good eyes and nose.

However, when the pies were cooked and cooled, he got them mixed up by taste. It might have been because his plate got turned around. Dunno. I could taste the difference. But then I knew which pie was which, didn't I? Well, actually, the squash is milder in taste. And that's pretty clear to anyone who is known as a supertaster. And even I couldn't tell them apart by the second piece because my palette was all messed up by that point.

Tomorrow, we continue the tasting experiments with cold pie.

Please note that other than the classic pie spicing and eggs, these pies are very stripped versions with a mixture of 2% and fat-free condensed milk and only 1/4 cup of brown sugar in each pie. We do not eat them with either ice cream or whipped cream (yuck) in the testing process. This is a controlled experiment. Two pies will not have sacrificed themselves in vain. We are scientists, dammit.

Mmmmmm, pies. Can't wait to get back to the laboratory in the morning. Pie for breakfast, maybe.

Frog Out
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