November 27th, 2006

blueberry fall

The Nor'Easter

It was a Nor'Easter that blew through Nahant, the Cape, Rhode Island, on Thanksgiving Day. The total rain was less than 2 inches, but the wind built through the day until it was beating at the house, driving the rain sideways. The picture window upstairs leaked at the seams, though the rolling windows on either side were tight. E found it difficult to fall asleep in a small room on that side of the house so she and I went downstairs to the living room, which is large and the couches are far from the windows.

Weatherman slept just fine in that room upstairs. Weatherdude sleeps easily through blowing fact, I think they sing him to sleep like mermaids from the rocks.

The downstairs living room is semi-circular with windows to the ocean view. It sits up on a cliff above the shoreline. I believe it sits on the rock foundation. As I lay on the couch after E finally fell asleep on hers, I felt the room shudder from time to time in the gusts. Lying down and quiet, it was easy to feel. As a weatherdudette, it doesn't concern me particulary. The house is snug and wind is wind. It's not a hurricane or tornado, it's a storm. But it's a sensation worth noting, that even a snug house can shudder in a Nor'Easter.

The master bedroom is on the third floor, the old attic, a large single room with windows on all sides, especially out to the ocean side (northeast). It must have been a wild ride up there.



Yesterday was a productive day for domesticity. After the drive home on Saturday, we drove 30 miles to the airport on Sunday morning to free J's car from hock.

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blueberry fall

W&OD at Dusk

I walked miles 41 to 39.5, 3 miles round trip (Sun evening). The way up the gap was fine, but there were still a fair number of other people out. The way back was better. I walked from 4:30 to 5:30, the sun sets now at 5pm. So on my way back, the light faded and the people winked from view, mysteriously lifted off the path into their own nighttime lives.

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And Finally, Today...

The mind plays tricks.

I enter E's room at 8:30, the mother, to turn out her nightlights and strip her bed.

I feel a sudden shock, have a disconnect.

She is there. She is not in school. She is stretched out in her bed still, orange, striped, and furred, a changeling. A 15 pound feline changeling.

No lie. For that disconnect split second, it was her, not Rainbow Tom, in that bed. She was the cat she frequently pretends to be.

I have too much imagination, too much willing suspension of disbelief.

Pragmatic Momdom reasserts itself. RT is lucky that I intended to wash sheets today. Otherwise, he would find himself on the floor. Cats are not permitted to sleep directly on the sheets. I leave him to his rest (for now) and move on to strip our bed while my head ponders my next blog entry.

Frog Out