December 1st, 2006


Local Weather Report

Last night it was warmer outside the house than inside when I put the girls to bed at 6pm. Balmy and damp, somewhere in the 70's.

This morning, there are some very confused tree frogs out there. Tree frogs sing and mate in the early, early spring. They're one of the first sounds of spring. These particular frogs are in for a rude shock in the next 24 hours. I hope they get into the mud before it gets too cold.

Damp and slightly rainy this morning. I have missed two mornings of delicious fog to walk in. Wed it was an odd weather thing. Weatherdude tells me the fog built off the coast and then an east wind (unusual) blew it onshore. It was foggy in DC before it got foggy out here. No fog at sunrise, fog at 8:30. And I had to be somewhere. Thurs I had to go to Ikea* to ensure the pantry pieces were all in stock and to make final selections. Fog at dawn. As the light revealed it, my yearning for it was, well, a yearning. I wanted to call off the trip to Ikea. This was my kind of morning. I was already imagining a walk along the W&OD where anything could come out of the mist, any fantasy could materialize, my thoughts would take fog form and walk with me.

I promised myself when I left an office that I wouldn't have to miss 'special' days anymore. As a tax preparer, I always missed daffodils and early spring blossoms, missed the better part of the summer days. And here I was, missing 2 rare foggy mornings of warm weather. sigh.

I'm considering a walk in the drizzle before the wind and thunderstorms and temperature drop. I shall look like a very wet rat which will make me very happy.

Frog Out

*The mud room is now filled with Ikea pieces to be assembled on Monday. Wow.

The Gods Listen, Yes They Do

Never. Never, ever. Never, ever, ever blog about a power outage before one happens. Let that be a lesson to you, you dummy.

I blogged about a power outage and guess what? A power outage. There I was, out happily walking and dreaming away and writing the most excellent prose in my head. And then I had a yen for tomatoes and cheese and sprouts and avocado, all wrapped in a tortilla. And when I got the ingredients home, I discovered I had no power. Nada. Zip. No water, beyond what was in the tank already, no stove, no fridge, no lights, no vacuum cleaner (yeah!). There went the scrambled egg idea to go with the tortilla. Good thing my primary craving built up on my walk didn't need to be cooked.

I lit the hurricane oil lamp and candles and flashlights and logged the outage with the power company. Called my neighbors, not all lost power. But later I heard the school did too, so it wasn't that isolated.

The wind was wild but it was still warm so I left the door open while I ate and panicked about how long the outage would last. It's hardly fair when your outage happens at the beginning of a storm. Good thing the laptop was fully charged. Good thing E's portable dvd player was fully charged. But maybe we would be checking into a hotel for the weekend.

Power came back on after an hour and a half. What a relief. But I sort of liked the hotel idea.

Frog Out