December 3rd, 2006


It's Here, Y'all!

The cold weather arrived, on schedule, Friday night. Very cool ring around the moon last night. Very cool cirrus yesterday, like paintbrushed pictures in the sky. Weatherdude is unhappy with the forecast for Friday, which promised rain. It drizzled for a short time. We did get gusts to 45mph.

I blogged the power outage, but not my 5 mile walk. Too much going on, including writing a new story, about 1500 words now, and I plan another 500 today. I'm feeling my way along through this idea, revising and refining. I'll post some of it. My goal is to finish it, even if it's only something I write for me.

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Never Plan, Just Do

So, plan was shot to hell and back. No 500 words today. But we are NOT getting out of our 1000 tomorrow. No way. Not even for exercise.

Today consisted of: sleeping late, blogging, showering, shopping. Then cooking soup, beets, butternut squash and pumpkin and making/cooking 2 squash pies. Oven was on most of the day. I found out that my thigh can hurt from hours of standing on it, just standing. Interesting.

So tomorrow's motto is to do. Do exercise. Do 1000 words. No planning allowed.

Frog Out