December 5th, 2006


Don't Plan, Just Do

This worked yesterday, believe it or not. I called and ordered heating oil. I called and dealt with the satellite dish people. I've been avoiding that one as an exercise in frustration. It was, but it's done. Replacement DVR's are on their merry way. Then I wrote that 1000 words. Then I walked while E was in drama. Pretty much got things done.

Today is about a bank deposit I've been putting off (no reason, just a pain). I keep going to the bank branch 30 miles away where I opened the account. There's a branch 3 miles away in town. Go figure. Today was also about balancing the checkbook and entering the bills to be paid automatically. It's also about renewing the medical account for next year and choosing dental/vision options. Then it's about writing more words that may or may not be used. It's also about a walk with E. It's her 'complain about 2 miles' day.

Meanwhile, the pantry cabinets are going up. One more thing off the loooong list, check.

So, off to do, not plan.

Frog Out

Getting It Done

It's just grand, this not planning thingy.

I put $1,675 in my business account by going to the bank. Returned 2 books unopened that we didn't want by refusing them. I sent a letter to an attorney, certified. Took a call from a client concerned about fourth quarter estimates. Then I rewarded myself with coffee. Took an hour to do those errands.

Here at home, I updated Quicken and checked the budget, made notes on cash movement, investments. Reviewed the dental plan options, phoned dentist to see which plans they are in as preferred providers, which narrows the choices nicely to one. Signed up for a flexible spending account for 2007. Renewed a book from the library online. Blah, blah, blah. But all necessary.

Went down to my cabin and put in another 600 words on the story and edited yesterday's entry. I'm a bit stuck, but I think it will come by itself as I write. I turned on the electric heater at 8 am and about 4 hours later, when I was there, I turned on the LP heater. Got very toasty in there after a bit.

Frog Out