December 14th, 2006


Exhaustion Continues

Sidenote: Now they've scared me. LJ has changed the basic format for posting entries. Can't-deal-with-change-right-now.

According to doctor-by-email, I presumably have viral bronchitis. Hope that's not just a fancy name for a cold. Low grade fever continues in the night, breaks by morning. No restricted breathing, no chest pain. Just a lot of couging.

A god can't always answer your prayer personally. The girls do not seem to understand this. I'm late this morning because I was cold and tired. 9:30. They were pissed. One gets out just about every time I look. I rest. I get up. I throw chicken back that runs to me. I rest. I get up. I throw chicken back that runs to me.

This is my day.

And just to make things interesting, I added additional bricks to the fencing to keep them from going under it. I'm not sure if they're doing that or if they're flying over it or if they have a secret hole.

One of them is madly digging a hole to get under the barn wall. She pretends it's a dirt bath. God is not fooled.

And my god is laughing at me. I have this beautiful day to walk and I'm too sick.

Sick Frog Out

Update to previous post


I rest. I get up. E throws chicken back that runs to her.

Ok, so adding 4 bricks to the bottom of the fencing did not keep Walkabout from, well, walking about. Hmmm. Curiouser and curiouser. Another mystery. Beyond my feeble brain at the moment, but I'll keep pondering it and trying things.

Meanwhile, E tossed huge handfuls of pine needles over the fence to give them something interesting to scratch around in. Bound to be a few bugs in there at these temps. And 12 eggs today. They like this weather.

Frog Out, to rest again

Update to the Update

Too good not to mention...

I rest. I don't get up. J comes home after dark and throws chicken back in. Yes, out again. What's more, he says the gate got closed somehow and the other 11 were stuck on the wrong side of the gate in the temporary section. Mightily confused. They weren't at all sure what to do since it was so dark.

Thanks Sally for the Deist comment. I went out and looked up modern Deism. Yup. They're Deists. And a weird story idea begins to take shape, told from their POV about their belief system.

Meanwhile, I'm AWOL from the bed while J and E fetch themselves a pizza. I intend to beg a slice as a special treat for poor sick me who has a fever again tonight.

Frog Out