December 23rd, 2006


Dear Reader

A dear reader from Boston writes:

"Dear Chicken Goddess,

...It seems to yours truly that it would be possible to observe which chicken escapes and how by keeping a careful watch on the coop. If you stand very still near the coop, the chickens will mistake you for a tree. Holding both arms in the air will help with the illusion. Eventually, the chickens will forget that you are not a tree and the escaping chicken will reveal how she does it.

Yrs, etc.
A Friend in Boston"

Dear Friend in Boston,

There are several flaws with your plan, unfortunately.

1) Goddesses do not keep watch on a coop. This is better performed by shepherds on flocks by night.
2) Being Deists, the chickens believe in their unique experience with God and Nature. This includes God in his/her manifestation as a tree, apparently.
3) She got out anyway and not while the deity was imitating a tree. She then hid herself under E's slide for quite some time, giving everyone a fright.

Keep those ideas coming,
Chicken Goddess