December 25th, 2006


Buried Posting

Somewhere in the slew of entries about xmas and photos, I posted a quick note on the girls. (They gave me a chicken calendar for xmas. I feel as if I should pin it up in their coop, there are so many risque photos of roosters in it.)

She flies out. Here I am, walking the perimeter like an idiot, looking for a break in the fencing. No break exists. She flies. She gets up on the edge of the fence and then hops down. Doesn't fly right over. No, she takes a break balancing on the edge. This explains why it's the same chicken every time. And why it was happening with increasing frequency.

Sunday morning she was out 10 minutes after they were released from the coop into the run. J put her back. And we watched from the window of Olympos Mons. And while I was reading aloud how (very) long chickens live and lay (15 years potentially), J saw her flap her way up and perch on the fence. So, always the same girl, twist tie or no twist tie. We always knew they could fly that fence given sufficient motivation (fox, lawn mower, string trimmer). But it hadn't appeared one was flying by choice. And since Walkabout never cared whether she remained with the flock, it makes sense this is still Walkabout. A lone chicken taking a stroll.

A lone chicken too stupid to get back in the way she got out.

And by this morning, she was visiting the house itself. Fox-wise, predator-wise, I would rather she came towards the house than walked off where something could grab her. But J became disturbed that she was wandering further and further away into new territory. He couldn't even find her at one point...she was on the path to the woodpile between the trees and bushes. He heard her clucking to herself.

Here's to another mystery solved. My, what will it be next?

Frog Out