December 26th, 2006

E on side

Evolution at Work

This conclusion may be premature, but it appears Walkabout has learned to put herself back in her run. This morning she was out and walking the property. Several hours later, she was nowhere to be seen...she had visited the deck, the bird feeder, the yard. Donning pink Wellies, I went out in my jammies to look for her. I counted only 11 chickens in the run. I walked the property. No sign of her. Eventually J came out and joined me. I scored a cat that followed me about, but no chicken, regardless of how much calling I did. J went down to count the chickens again and he counted 12. So apparently someone was in the coop when I counted. And counted. And counted. Because I don't think she went back in while I was looking for her.

And now, of course, she's out again.

Frog Out