December 28th, 2006


Recovery, etc.

One does what one can.

I was so tired of the house and all the detritus of xmas that I determined to walk yesterday, well-bundled up. Actually, the sun was quite nice. What wasn't nice was how tired I was at the 1 mile marker. I had hoped for a 4 mile walk. At 1 mile, I knew it would be no more than 3 miles. Which is what I doggedly did. That 3 miles felt more like 5 miles. Grrrr. Still a funny rasp deep in my lungs, spent more time coughing yesterday after the walk.

And have spent 2 days feeling light-headed. Probably low blood pressure, which is typical for me. But still disturbing to feel dizzy when you stand. Standing against J felt wonderfully solid by comparison. So I spent some time doing that.

Most of the goodies have been banished from the house. I'm slowly coming off of the sugar, getting it out of my system. That was one of the reasons to walk yesterday.

I did another one of my space cadet moments when I wandered off to Target before going for my walk. I have no idea why I went there, it was out of my way. Ostensibly, I was looking for Zizzlingers, a strange and useless box of plastic toys that appear in fizzy water. E loves the things. Her aunt gave her 10 boxes for xmas. There are 24 in each set. We had 23 of the 24 Disney princesses, never did get that last Jasmine figure. Now we're onto Marvel figures and Pixar figures. Thankfully, they were on clearance at Target and at half the price of the Princess fizzies.

And now, off to look at some of my works-in-progress for a couple of hours...

Frog Out