January 1st, 2007


Resolutions and Reflections

I'm not much of one for resolutions on the first day of the year. I tend to resolve throughout the year...why wait? The time to change is always now.

I'm working on moving more, on losing the 25 pounds that leapt back on me the past year, on finishing stories that are started, on pursuing new ones. Tax season is coming and I'm not too happy about that...I always have trouble writing during tax season. The rest of the year I'll do anything to avoid sitting in the chair and finishing something. During tax season, I'm aching to write instead of crunching numbers all day.

E transitioned from a 3 hour kindergarten and short summer camp days to full school days in September. That's when my life improved. It began to improve in the summer when she had the most amazing day camp experience and Ritalin began to have an effect on her ability to learn and retain information. I've had 2 years in hell trying to 'fix' her and finally she's taking flight. She's still a major work-in-progress, but she hit the curve and has been climbing steadily instead of flatlining her way through academics and life. I'm not a fan of long-term medication. I despise it, distrust it. And I hate seeing that it has a positive impact. No lie, no argument. It's a miracle that helps her learn what she needs to know in life. Did I say I hate it?

Off of that. May other parents never experience the half of it.

World Peace. Is that so much to ask?

World Peace, a completed novel draft and some stories out looking for homes. A child that continues to grow and learn and amaze me. Some time alone with weatherdude. A good growing season. Healthy pets. Healthy humans. Deer ticks that stay away or at least are disease-free. Little things like that. Looking at that list, some of those things I can impact.


And She's Off!

Got out of the house just after 9 this morning...felt that if I didn't run out the door and get to the W&OD that I never, ever would. I was doing a run to DC later in the day to deliver food to the parents. It was a really cool morning...all foggy and damp. Here I was thinking I would have the trail to myself and I got to my exit (Rt 704) and found 6 cars hogging the parking strip. I squeezed my car in on the end anyway, barely off the road itself. Dogs, dogs and walkers. A few bikers too. But there were fewer the longer I walked. I must have picked a time when folks were still going for their morning exercise or New Year's resolutions or whatever. The llamas were out, all 9 of them, up by the fence. So I said hello. They actually checked me out today, very cool. And I just kept going. Up into the pass and back, 5 miles. And it felt like 5 miles or maybe a bit better than 5 miles. It's just great to feel like me again.

And except for a phone call smack in the middle of my walk, I was happily working on my story. Not that I've been given any time since then to type or anything. That would be asking too much. But rattle, rattle, rattle in my teensy brain. What to do with Peaseblossom and Cumin and the Mouse King. Never mind. It's my secret for now.

Frog Out