January 5th, 2007


Friday Morning

Yes, today we SHALL write. Lessee, as procrastination tools we have the satellite dude who is supposed to show up who knows when and the gym and possibly lunch with E at school. But we also have rain, delicious rain, that isn't a cold, cold rain. It's supposed to be nice and 70 tomorrow. Good grief.

So off I go to get E to school and then to focus on the mice and fairies...

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Friday Update

Writing: Check
Satellite dude: check
Gym: check
No lunch at school due to timing constraints
Walkabout Out: check

Now I just need a loooong walk on the trail. And more writing.

Meanwhile, there's a commotion down in the paddock. Someone is vociferous. I can't tell if it's 'Come down here and fill this feed dish!' or 'She's OUT and it's NOT FAIR!'

Frog Out Too