January 19th, 2007

E scores!

Wind, No Snow

How weird is that? It's cold enough. Heck, Raleigh got snow. But we didn't. And Weatherdude (currently at his annual weathergeek convention in Texas where he is enjoying ice) said we wouldn't get any, might not get any on Sun/Mon. I hate it when he's right. He generally is. Much more reliable than anything the tv has to say or even the weather.gov website. All those years in hell while he did his PhD were not in vain.

So instead of snow, we have cold, windy and sunny. Would have made for wonderful drifts. I like drifts. Can't get the car out of the driveway when it drifts. It can be windy today. I'm at the gym today (assuming ass gets in gear). Did my 3 mile walk yesterday when it wasn't quite so windy. Windy enough, though.

The girls will stay in the permanent run today, due to wind conditions. All flights by Walkabout are hereby grounded. Small craft advisory. E and I will go see her aunt and grandparents for dinner in the Big City. The latest installment of E's book series penned and photographed by my sister is ready. This will be the third in the series and it just so happens that MY photo is the cover shot (and I'm not the pro, she is). It's the userpic for this post.

Meanwhile, it's time to find my work again. Been screwing around reading friends' pages until my eyes glaze over, living vicariously through everyone else's progress meters. If I'm going to Taos Toolbox, I need to get ready. Finish stories, outline novels, rewrite novel in progress, blah, blah.

A kick in the pants is what I need.
Frog Out