January 29th, 2007


Fowl Gossip

Walkabout has a girlfriend. Or so it appears. Several times now, if she is out at dusk, I go down there to find her outside the fence and one lone chicken inside the fence next to her keeping her company as the light fades.

It's not a serious attachment, mind. When it's full dark and she's still out, she's alone. Her girlfriend isn't THAT stupid, er, devoted. It's rather touching as Walkabout is so definitely a chicken marching to her own drummer. But is her girlfriend one of the 'butch' chickens who protects the flock, or is she fond of Walkabout herself?

We have also noted that Walkabout is one of the larger birds (which makes it all the weirder that she's the one who flies at will) and that she is definitely not on the bottom of the pecking order. No, a couple of scrawny birds are at the bottom. (We worry about whether they will survive the winter.) Walkabout seems to have a space on the top or second-to-top rung of the roost where most of the birds are. For an insane chicken, she's quite robust and has the respect of her peers.

And she continues to follow us into the barn and goes in through the coop door. Several times a day.

Chicken love. Coop politics. Lady chickens. Still...we need the eggs, as the old joke goes.

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