February 7th, 2007

E scores!

Snow Day

Well, one person in the house is happy at least. Weatherdude made his escape early. It's not really enough of a snow to call school, in my humble-grumble opinion. Might be 2 inches of dry stuff out there. Were it a snowy winter, there would be school at this much snow. But the kids have only had 1 snowday so far. So she's had all these short 4 day weeks. I think with holidays and teacher workdays that she's had a day off every week since winter break. And President's Day coming up, too. So much for getting any writing done today. It's speed drills in math instead.

She's all excited about going out to sweep snow. Bully for her. It's windy and cold out there. I'm not looking forward to hauling wood or letting chickens out. But like the cats, I have a fur coat. It does help. Thank goodness no one is home to snap a photo of me in jammies and an ancient mink coat and pink boots carrying a watering can down to the barn. I'd have to post it if such a thing existed.

Fire was warm embers again, not quite enough to catch on its own. Another reason I pile up the wood in the evening is to avoid going out first thing. I'll need to scoop ashes tomorrow. They were pretty deep after having a fire all day yesterday. But like Scarlett, I'll think about that tomorrow.

Meanwhile, it's cold chickens (who were all alive last night) and a child who is resistant to school work this morning.

Frog Out

Update: It's 9 am and we've already had our first time out. Oh joy.

Not Much Snow

There's not much snow left...the small hill the house is on that has served E well for sliding for several years is grass again, despite the temps. Strong sun. She needs a bigger hill.

The chickens are out again. They don't much like snow. The first snowfall I didn't see them outside the coop for 2 days. As they have food, water and heat in there, it's not a surprise. Not much to do but eat, poop, and lay eggs.

I see by the plethora of comments that my readers have a kaleidoscope of opinions on the use of present tense in stories.

If it weren't for the snow day, I'd have finished the damned edit by now. Instead, I have spent over an hour patiently explaining why we practice speed drills. She has 2 tests tomorrow in school. 30 problems each with a 2 minute time limit. One will be addition to 10 and the other will be subtraction to 6. To give her credit, she is 100% correct with each practice. But in 3 minutes instead of 2. So we went at it. And at it. And at it again. Both of us are now cross-eyed and stressed out. She's chilling with 'Wonder Pets' (oh-my-god) and I'm blogging when I should be making meatballs. At 3 a babysitter arrives so I can go to the gym.

Frog out, out, out damned spot, will these hands never be clean?

I finally said if she passes subtraction 6 tomorrow I'll buy her Cinderella III.