March 5th, 2007


Day Three

Images will come in a separate post to save bandwith and because I'm uploading f'ing huge files to dancinghorse now. Advantage to the desert. SHE has DSL. As development has sprung up around her, it has also brought her some modern conveniences. Because my little slice of heaven was built 30+ years ago and has larger properties, the development is pushed back away from me a bit further than in her case. The end result is that she gets DSL and I don't. Cable also laughed at bringing a line in to us. But satellite has improved enough that we will get that in the reasonably near future when budget and time allows.

Day Three was Saturday and yes, I know it's Monday. My brain was fragged yesterday and there was all this talk, talk, talk to be done as I processed what I had experienced. I flew home Sat night into Sun morning. A good idea, but tiring, esp. as the flight was late leaving. The wheels lifted the tarmac some time after 1:00AM Sunday morning. And then I had to switch planes at JFK. And then I had to acclimate myself to the east coast again...but that's a different posting, too.

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Break for Station Identification

Short break for station identification while I install the drivers for my new printer (two-sided to save paper on drafts). Then I simply must clean up my desk so I can process and proof tax returns. The first set is due in 10 days. And I promised myself I wouldn't just dump it all in a box this year which adds to the crap piles in the basement.

Frog Out

(Elevator Muzak plays in the background)
Trouble doing your taxes this year? Remember to take your automatic credit (which you must manually request) for excise tax paid on your phone bills. If you have the super-duper secret decoder ring, enter your code now to see the public service announcement.....