March 8th, 2007

E on side

Post Snow Day

So...had to go in and do the bank deposits for the first graders today because yesterday was a snow day (with little snow). Teacher made a point of saying that forecasting the weather is very, very difficult and that E's family has its own weatherman and we showed up at school only to find it closed.

Got home and Mrs. Gaines is ridge-running again. She went out this morning and after I got back and let the chickens out, I heard the disembodied meow. Which means, look up. And there she was, on the roof. If you didn't know that she gets up there by herself all the time, you would immediately call the fire dept or get a ladder or chair to help the pitiful thing down. And frankly, it must be pretty warm up there this morning. Lots of solar gain.

But no, I'm not fooled by the piteous cries. You got yourself up there, you get yourself down. And yes, I actually speak the words to her. Since she's remarkably obtuse in some ways, I doubt she got my point. So I went in and shut the door. This is a cat that refuses to know her own name and only responds to 'here, kitty, kitty' or the sound of food. But she's hell on wheels with rodents. Unfortunately, with birds too.

More tax stuff today.

On the horse camp front, about two more posts to come. More pics and a summary entry. As God and taxes allow.

Frog Out
PD Cat

He's Got Some Nerve!

The nerve! The nerve, I say!

Came home from a quick shopping run in town to find the boys wanted in. They're such wimps. Mrs. Gaines was off somewhere. They came in, I unpacked groceries and then I see PD waiting at the OTHER door to go out. The glass one. Good grief, I thought. You should have made that decision before you came in.

Well, since I didn't want to be interrupted all afternoon by a whiny cat, I let him back out. And saw WHY he wanted out. Mrs. Gaines was tucked in the sunny corner by the door with a dead looked like a bird. But I had no time to identify it accurately because as he ran out the door, PD swooped on the carcass and disappeared with it. At a fast clip. Going somewhere. Mrs. Gaines never saw him do it. A second later she's looking for her kill, which is acres away by now. Looking at my earlier post, I'd say she's having a rough day.

PD didn't lift a claw for the kill, but boy is he an opportunist. Must be a guy thing. I'm beginning to think the female of the species does all the work and the males take all the credit. No offense. Just an observation.

Frog Out

Spring Has Sprung!

The grass is riz.
I wonder where my flowers is?

Lordy, Lordy! Our bachelor woodchuck is awake! I just caught him sunning on the slope outside the house, nibbling on iris shoots and new grass. Mostly he looked happy just to be in the sun. Then he saw me and ran under the deck.

Spring is here, it is, it is. As soon as the ice melts a bit on what passes for a pond, we'll have peepers again.

I wonder if he remembers causing me all that grief last fall when he kept mysteriously taking the lid off the chicken feed can and climbing inside?