April 4th, 2007

E scores!

Jacqueline LaLanne

Not that I will ever look even remotely like a female version thereof, but there's progress worth the monthly price of the gym that I am locked into. (I also can't believe the old man is still alive. Here's to you, Jack!)

Weatherdude decided to clean out his woodshop, which used to be a garage until a chunk of it was sacrificed to the laundry/pantry room. Everything around here is a chinese puzzle. You have to make a space somewhere else before you can move and clean anything. (I told jlundberg I envied the way he has stripped himself of his possessions.) So weatherdude created a hanging rack down in the barn with chains and 2x4's for various pieces of wood, including about 12 sheets of plywood at 8x4 feet. This make-shift rack is a good 6 feet off the ground to confuse the termites. Bob Vila's website says it's 25lbs per 1/4 inch thickness. I think these were 1/2 inch sheets, so they were 50lbs, according to Vila, as an estimate. Weatherdude says these were actually 3/4 inch, but no way were they 75 pounds apiece. The sheet of MDF, now, THAT was close to 75 pounds.

When I originally assisted Weatherdude to stack them on his table saw early last fall, I could barely manage my end. Yesterday, they were bulky and unwieldy, but I wasn't complaining about the weight. (I was complaining about having to change into jeans from a comfortable skirt, about being interrupted, about being Weatherdude's slave assistant. But not about the weight, oh no.) In fact, I was lifting my end over my head to slide it onto the rack (oh those shoulder presses!). That is, after the abortive journey with the cart and the lawn tractor where the entire stack fell off and we had to restack it while E was asking us what we're doing and why it's on the ground. A lot harder to lift from the ground rather than down from the table saw. To finish the journey to the barn, Weatherdude had to sit on the stack like a Buddha to balance the weight and trust me not to drive the tractor like the maniac I am.

So here's to more than three months of shoulder presses, bicep and tricep curls and chest presses. Here's to upper body strength I never had in my life. And I just have this nice tired feeling in those muscles today, the way it feels after going to the gym.

Frog Out