April 5th, 2007


Cats Laugh at Dog; Cat Steals Mouse; Chickens Run Loose

Dog went to vet for checkup prior to clipping all his fur off. Has some weirdo growth on his chest and is now sporting a blue recovery collar. At first the cats kept their distance, thinking him some sort of alien monster. But now they're just laughing at him. Normally he would beat the crap out of 'em, all except the little one. But he's a tad exhausted by the stress of a trip to the vet. Beating the crap out of them will have to wait.

Once again, the boys are on the wrong side of the glass door. Mrs. Gaines has a mouse and is gutting it in plain sight. I let the boys out. PD once again scoops up the mouse and takes off to parts unknown. In the normal scheme of things, Mrs Gaines can boot any cat out of the dry food. The little one is top of the heap. But in this situation, it's clearly a snooze, you lose as far as PD is concerned.

Meanwhile, chickens run amuck. They occasionally go tearing downhill, flapping madly, like something out of "Chicken Run." I'm leaving them in the run in the mornings now because egg production is down to 8 eggs per day and we found one in the grass. But even shut in, it's still 8 or 9 eggs. So I think they're molting out of season. Egg production goes down when the energy goes into growing new feathers. Molting would be a nice answer for why 3 of them have no neck feathers to speak of. And yesterday, I didn't let them out at all because E and I would be on the road for most of the afternoon. Within 5 minutes, Walkabout was out. By the time E and Weatherdude got home at 5, three chickens were out. Either there's a break in the fence or she's taught someone else to fly. Big, fat chickens should not be able to fly. The book says so. (It also says they molt in the fall.)

Frog Out

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