April 26th, 2007


Dreams and Blue Funks

I've been in a blue funk for the past week where I pretty much sit on my ass, eat and watch tv. The good part of this is that I'm pretty much caught up with what I've recorded on the 'tv show' dvr. New shows are still coming in, but there's room for them now. I can't put my finger on the cause of the funk, but I don't think that's important. What's important is to climb out of it. I finally thought that maybe hanging around the inside of the house was making the funk worse. So yesterday, I walked 2 miles on the trail and went to a Starbucks to write. Where I was promptly interrupted by 2 phone calls and a bizarre woman who owes me money (which she will never repay, her business went bankrupt finally). In spite of those interruptions, it has started to do the trick. So I plan to repeat it today. And again, until these feelings go away.

Meanwhile, in some bizarre never-never land, Weatherdude sat bolt upright and asked me if he had put the chickens to bed. Woke me out of a dream, it did. I had to come fully awake to consider his question. My first sleepy response was "go look out the back door. You left the light on in the barn and if it's on, you didn't put them to bed." And you'd think that would be it. But no. My brain came further awake and gave me the image of Weatherdude coming up from the barn eating ice cream. "You put them to bed. You were eating ice cream." "Oh, yeah" was his response. About a minute later, I heard snoring. And the cuckoo clock striking once. Which meant I had no idea what time it was without moving to see my alarm clock. So I lay there. Thinking about getting up. Or not. And then his alarm went off. So that meant it was 3:40am and I had heard 3:30. And that was pretty much it. I was up just after 4. I folded my laundry by 4:30 am. After he left for his train, I watched the rest of 'Blood Diamond' which I had started the day before. Kept me awake at least. I'm going to pay for this later today. I can already feel the edge coming off my caffeine haze.

Oh and that dream I had? It was not a nice one, as my dreams go. My parents left yesterday for New Mexico and Santa Fe. My mother called before she left saying they were going to the airport. In this dream, she continued to call me. She was convinced she was in Switzerland, not in New Mexico. Because it was a dream, I could see the scenery. It looked nothing like Switzerland. It looked like New Mexico. I explained this to my mom. She was not convinced. She complained that my father had gone off to see Geneva without her. I said he's gone off to do photography with the group he's meeting, that's all. Get some rest and get used to the altitude. But she didn't. She got dressed for dinner. She snagged another person's wife and said they had to practice their dance steps. She played piano while this person twirled around a room. I hate it when my dreams cross with reality. I always wake up uncertain how much of it was true.

For the uninitiated, my mother is 85 and doesn't play the piano, in either Switzerland or New Mexico.

Frog out