May 4th, 2007


It All Goes Together

We are back on track and the blahs have faded away. Which is partly due to changing hormonal balances and partly due to reinstating my workout schedule. Adjusted for that bothersome leg, of course. 2-2.5 mile walks 4 days a week, gym with weights and elliptical 3 days a week. Now if I can just fit the writing in. It's clearly a piece of my mental health puzzle. A few pesky tax things still hanging around that need immediate attention.

And it's off to Disneyworld next Thurs for our annual trek to see actresses tarted up as princesses of dubious lineage. This is the first year that E has requested a longer visit, 16 days in fact. Now that would break the bank for sure. She seemed to think that if she just marks a "D" on her calendar, it will extend the stay. I tried to explain that I make the reservations at Christmas and can't change them, but it's definitely a no-go. So I settled to remind her that each year she has wanted to go home after 1 or 2 days and if indeed this year she's having fun for the entire time, I will extend next year's visit.

Though that's a thorny issue as she does miss school. Missing 2 days is ok, missing more is a demon I will have to wrestle. She's so ridiculously healthy (knock on wood) that she has only missed 1 day so far this year and it was to leave a day early for Thanksgiving travel. Other parents don't have issues with pulling their child out of school, but I do. Geez, when did I turn into my mother?

Frog Out