May 11th, 2007


Walt Disney World

The ultimate fantasy people. And they know how to cater to little girls. Every year is different. It was a mistake to go over the first night we arrived. While E was able to ride all the Fantasyland rides with almost no waiting, she was exhausted and whiny when not eager for the next ride. Weatherdude ended up carrying her the half mile back to our hotel from the monorail. (Shades of Green is central, but not quite part of Disney.)

This year, new rides. She had always been afraid of Peter Pan because it's in the dark. She did it twice on Thurs night and once on Friday (in spite of the lines). And Big Thunder Mountain was right out. This year when she saw that ride from the train that takes you around the park, she suddenly decided she was ready for it. After, of course, she had warmed up on Goofy's Barnstormer 3 times on Thurs night. We rode Big Thunder on Friday afternoon after her luncheon with characters from The Hundred Acre Woods. (Last year we actually did the ridiculous Cinderella's Table breakfast, so we've already seen just about every princess up close and personal.)

Her reaction to Big Thunder Mountain?

"Can we do it again?"

Which is pretty much my reaction to it. The first time we rode it on fastpasses someone gave us. No lines is so cool. But the lines weren't too bad and we rode it 2 more times going through the regular lines. Then we jumped over and did Aladdin's Carpets, always one of her favorites and always has short lines. I like the pineapple whip, myself.

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