May 13th, 2007


Final Day

Final day at Disneyworld. Such a lot to do. Animal Park twice this year, first year she's agreed to go. I have now seen the Pocohontas show 4 times and the animal training show (for Pocohontas) twice. We have met 3 different cast members, but E didn't seem to notice. She loved the Pocohontas show so much yesterday that we had to go again today. I finally sent my sister and Weatherdude off by themselves to do other parts of the park because E had a one-track mind about what she wanted to do. Grownups are so limited. We think we need to see EVERYTHING. Yesterday, first day at Animal Park, fresh from her ride on Big Thunder Mountain, she did the Everest ride with the Dude. My sister and I passed. E was scared out of her mind by it, but we didn't say anything ahead of time. Otherwise she never would have done it. This way, she's done a big roller coaster (no upside down or loopey-loops) and survived. Survival is the key, I think.

Unfortunately, the only main character whose autograph E didn't have (over two years) was Mulan. So we had to find Mulan today as well. Off to Epcot, after checking what times Mulan was scheduled to sign autographs before leaving Animal Park. Nasty walk through Epcot in the heat. This is the hottest it's been in the 3 Mays we've come here. We pick this particular week because it's usually warm, but not oppressive, and afternoon showers are at a minimum. Nothing like having a Weatherdude on your team, is there?

After Mulan, she gets the idea that she needs yet another autograph from Belle, who should be working in France all the way on the other side of the World Showcase. Where we also picked up Aurora. And Beast. E was having none of Beast, but I got several good photos of him. Then we started out of the park as a thunderstorm threatened. Stopped to play in a fountain. E is still only 45lbs, so she can ride on the Dude's shoulders or get a piggy-back. Four days and he finally worked out the formula: food and a ride and her mood perks right up.

I highly recommend the Chase Disney Visa used for daily purchases throughout the year and paid off monthly. Gave us 300 Disney Dollars to spend on food and souvenirs. Works almost everywhere, including popcorn and ice cream vendors. Everyone warns us about the rewards card expiring, but it's just not an issue. Let E loose in a store and she'll spend every last reward dollar left on junk and more junk.

Thunderstorm has passed. We might still be able to get in a round of miniature golf before bedtime.

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