May 25th, 2007


Writing Stuff

Ran one of my ideas by the kids in the first grade on Wed. And they cheered. So that means it's a winner. They don't get space travel all that well, but they got this. Yippee! So that means it's a potential story inside my new world and I can definitely put it on the list.

Pulling these stories out of my imagination and getting them down on paper as proper storytelling stories is another matter, of course. I have all these ideas that zap about at high speed in some weird Brownian motion, colliding with each other. But that's not a story. It's just a cool idea or three or four. The actual putting of the ass in the chair and taking pen out or using keyboard is grueling for me a lot of the time. My little brain does not want to sit still and behave. Give it numbers and it's fine. Give it a story to tell and it balks, says the laundry needs to be done, etc. And then there are the cool days when it just flows, when something clicks in the character or storytelling and I can't write fast enough.

I even tried writing outside on the deck yesterday because the weather is so wonderful (though we need rain). After I cleaned the pine pollen off, I fed the chickens peanut butter crackers and then went inside and started laundry, leaving my notebook behind. No, the story will NOT write itself if I leave pen and paper together long enough.

After school, E got the thought in her head that she needed to practice her reading more so she pulled out every phonics book she had and read for a couple of hours yesterday. Aloud. While I dozed fitfully. I had weird dreams involving Clifford and SpongeBob. And in other news, she passed her standardized tests without the accomodations at first grade exit level. Fabulous!

Frog Out