June 20th, 2007


And So Forth...

Mouse King edit proceeds. I wanted to finish yesterday, but alas.

Yesterday was E's last day of school. The speech pathologist crammed in some testing for her IEP review today when she was hot and tired. She still improved her scores. In the two sections of CASL tests where she was two standard deviations off of norm a year ago, she tested at one standard deviation below norm. This shouldn't have happened. She should have remained at two below norm. Her psychologist finally admitted in our last parents' meeting that her scores for Cogmed were 'phenomenal.' He looked at me as if I had taken the testing in her place or given her the answers. I coached her on gaming it, but doing the work was up to her. They had told me they coach the kids on how to game the system, that it was part of the five week training in memory.

Something is going on in her brain, something good. She'll receive a battery of expensive tests from her psychologist on the 1st and 2nd of August. He had told me earlier this year not to expect any change in the results from last year. That was why he didn't rush to do the testing in March. He thought it was a waste of money at that point. But now he's intrigued.

Meanwhile, we'll have one day devoted entirely to tv and movies this week. On Monday, summer camp starts. The week after that, tutoring starts. E has set herself a goal of reading 100 books (she read 10 yesterday) and of improving which reading group she's in for second grade. Like I'm going to discourage her. What she won't like is practicing writing sentences this summer. And as for math, well, she finished at the top of her class, so we'll only do a small amount of math this summer, just to keep the skills up.

But I started with the Mouse King. Had a brain storm on my arc while driving home from Target...have to switch two scenes at the end. Divided the story into two sections in yesterday's high level edit. And have slammed my way through the line edits for section one. Section two will get done today and I'll have to finally tackle my pivotal moment and decide which one of many is my final choice. I feel like I'm on a game show. "Is that your final answer?" "Ummm, yes, I mean no. Can I ask an expert?"

Yeah, well, in a couple of weeks I'll be asking close to 20 'experts.'

Frog Out

Re: My Post of June 13

I'm too lazy to do the full text, but referring to my post at: http://birdhousefrog.livejournal.com/58523.html wherein I describe how Mrs. D-G is followed about by a catbird announcing her.

One week later, I have just been presented with yet another dead bird. In the house.

Now it's Rainbow Tom, not Mrs. D-G, who is proudly standing over the carcass, but we are not fooled. Thomas is rather large and prone to producing other cat's kills as his own.

And I had just left the room for about 60 seconds in order to ask E NOT to eat and drink in my bed while watching tv.

Feathers, lots of small feathers. And a carcass. And it took a couple of minutes for it to sink in that this was a catbird.


Truly, the Queen of Destruction.

Frankly, I hope the birds rethink their policy of following her about and making loud and obnoxious noises. Eventually, her majesty is no longer amused.

Frog Out